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Living Springs Church
Birthed in 2004, Living Springs is a small Church where the Bible is taught, Worship is conducted in Spirit and Truth, and it feels like Family.
We don't have a lot of programs, but we do offer the Love of Jesus. Visit us online at

We are a non-denominational church, with deep roots in the Calvary Chapel movement, with a side order of
Southern Baptist and Four Square denominations. 

Each one of our pastors have over 30 years of ministry experience.
Each one works outside the church in the areas of teaching, medicine and news media communications.

We are financially supported by the gifts and regular contributions of our church family. 
Our current oversight committee is comprised of pastors Paul Tan from City Blessing Church and Ron Hogue from Good Works Now ministries.

Living Springs Church
PO BOX 753
Apple Valley, Ca. 92307
Apple Valley
Saturday 6 p.m.

13580 Nomwaket Rd.
No Children's Classes
(United in Christ Building)

Sunday 9:30 a.m.

9594 I Ave Ste. G
Sunday School
(In front of Live Oak Park)
Doug Roth     -     Rene Ray De La Cruz      -     Ken Sockwell